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Autotech Driveline has been offering driveline products from Drexler Motorsport since 2006. Our working relationship continues to grow and we now are proud to operate in the United States on Drexler's behalf as Drexler Motorsport USA.

Drexler Motorsport USA works with customers of all sizes involved in motorsport in the USA and supports them with technical and sales assistance.

Drexler's continuing successes in motorsport are no accident. Their reputation for focusing intently on technology and quality is well earned, and the results speak for themselves. Drexler's dominance in motorsport worldwide is a testament to their dedication.

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Drexler Motorsport and its History

Drexler Factory

Drexler Motorsport are committed to the design & development of innovative drivetrain technology. Its main business activity centers around the manufacture of limited slip differentials for various motorsport classes, production cars and special one off applications.

Drexler Motorsport's considerable experience with limited slip differentials can be traced back to the motorsport successes of company founder Herbert Drexler, an accomplished competitor in DTM, FIA GT and ADAC GT Cup racing.

In the 1980s, Herbert, along with his nephew Rainer, now technical director of the company, modified and re-developed existing limited slip differentials for use in their race cars. They both in time came to the conclusion that a differential of their own design and manufacture could perform better. Work then started on developing their own product.

In 1986 the first run of 50 Drexler Motorsport limited slip differential units were manufactured and delivered to the Wolf Racing Team for use in their Ford Sierra Cosworth touring cars. One year later Ford Motorsport won the manufacturers title in the World Touring Car Championship (Texaco Ford Sierra Cosworth) with differential parts developed by Drexler Motorsport.

After finishing up his racing career in 1998, Herbert Drexler decided to utilize the experience he gained in motorsport to further develop performance driveline components, and the company Drexler Motorsport was founded. Since its inception, all areas of the business have been continuously expanded. In 2005 Drexler Motorsport was accredited with meeting DIN EN9001 and ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

In December 2006, a technical partnership with Pankl Racing Systems saw a newly designed and built gearbox released to the Formula 3 market.This unit has been proven a success on the race track winning numerous championships and countless races in recent times. In 2019, Drexler Automotive now encourages young talent and offers its racing passion a stage - as the named and primary sponsor of "Drexler Formula Cup"

The change of name to Drexler Automotive GmbH in 2016 complemented the rapid development of the former motorsport supplier to the established automotive supplier and partner that Drexler is today. Drexler combines quality-controlled in-house production with innovative technical developments, and offers proven quality products as well as technical services to the auto industry.

The passion and heart of Drexler Automotive, however, is still manifested in Motorsport. In countries around the world, manufacturers, teams, and individual racers count on Drexler to put them at the front.

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