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Holinger Engineering

Quickly becoming known for producing some of the best engineered transmissions and related products in professional racing, Australian firm Holinger Engineering gained worldwide attention during the 1990s as the gearbox supplier to BMW for its dominant touring cars. Holinger used its experience in high level racing to further advance their entire line of products. Holinger became the sole supplier of transmissions to the famous Australian V8 Supercar Series, and has continued since. These achievements did not go unnoticed, and more recently, Holinger's own sequential gearkit conversion to suit 911s was adopted by Porsche Motorsport and has become factory equipment in every 911 racecar they build. Holinger gearboxes and gearbox conversions are a dominant presence in GT3 racing around the world. Holinger gearboxes are successfully competing in the States in all forms of racing, from ALMS GT2 and SCCA Speed GT to exotic vintage specials. Holinger's line of racing transmissions is second to none. They are compact, lightweight and incredibly strong.


Wavetrac® Differentials

Designed from a clean sheet using state-of-the-art knowledge and engineering to be a better differential than any other. It uses a patented design to improve grip in low traction conditions.

Wavetrac® Gives you quicker acceleration and faster cornering by driving both drive wheels instead of just one.

And, it offers improved no-load performance when compared to other helical gear differentials on the market. To learn more about the Wavetrac® or to find a dealer, please visit the Wavetrac® website:



Drexler Motorsport

To satisfy the great demand for a pure, adjustable, racing differential, we have forged an alliance with Drexler Motorsport from Germany and now offer their adjustable, zero-preload limited slip differentials. The motorsport departments of many leading car manufacturers and renowned tuning houses trust Drexler - because Drexler produce no-compromise driveline components for those who make their living in motorsport.

Drexler Drivetrain

In December 2006, Drexler took over the transmission division of Pankl and right away, good things began to happen. Drexler developed and refined the product line and now produces top-level gearboxes for Formula 3, as well as Rally and touring cars.

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